SBR Nexus: 'Our purpose is to support companies to realize new opportunities'

This is what we work for. For your company to achieve growth, you need fast responses to arising opportunities and possibilities. To realize this, sharing your business information with other parties is essential and frequently required; in the event of a new product or new service request or with the acquisition of information. Consistent with current practice this service is delivered to you in a digital format

SBR Nexus builds a solid network for entrepreneurs in which they can digitally exchange their (financial) information with a wide range of organizations in an easy and secure manner. At the touch of a button. Though this may seem some way off, it is closer than you think.  It has been made possible in cooperation with your accountant, appraiser or any affiliated intermediary, to securely share your (financial) business intelligence with several connected organizations. And it is easy this way to capitalize on new opportunities.

SBR Nexus is an initiative of ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank


SBR Banken continues as SBR Nexus

As from 1 December 2018, SBR Banken have been passed into SBR Nexus. This arose from taking stock of the results of almost 9 years SBR Banken. The conclusion drawn from this is that we need to do better, to act differently. The SBR network holds an immense number of possibilities. SBR Nexus wants to become the preferred network for entrepreneurs where they can digitally exchange their (financial) information with a wide range of companies and organizations in an easy and secure manner. We have developed a new approach to achieve this goal: Simplify, Broaden and Innovate.


The process for the sending and receiving party needs to be simplified. Therefor we will align as much as possible with the existing reports. First step: SBR internal annual account to banks (Q1 2019)


Along with banks more receiving parties will be connected to the SBR Nexus network in the near future. First step: branch organizations and leasing companies.


As well as new parties that will be aligned, also new data streams will be developed in the forthcoming years. First step: data streams for the purpose of application for financing.


Are you an entrepreneur, accountant/intermediary or appraiser and are you interested to find out more about SBR Nexus? Or do you need help with connecting to our network? This website is not fully available in English.  But please do submit you details here and we will call you to inform you on SBR Nexus and answer all of your questions.  On working days you will be contacted within 24 hours.